So sad, the pain this girl feels. It’s not supposed to happen to you when you’re that young. Parents are supposed to die when they are old. 

My Bucket list


Seas of the Atlantic Ocean

I love playing Battlefield. Always a pleasure when there’s an unlock. 

Do you feel Lucky?

Tycho Spectre

Tycho is the moniker of musician (and one-off Stereogum graphic designer!) Scott Hansen. Hansen had been making music for years, but made a breakthrough in 2011 with the album Dive, a collection of deliriously smooth downtempo tracks. Tycho’s next album Awake (that’s the album art by Reuben Wu above) is due this year and now you can hear its newest single, “Spectre.” The track shows how Hansen’s sound has expanded recently, with more natural instrumentation (there’s even a guitar solo) and heavier drums. It sounds like the direction Tycho was meant to be heading in, especially now that he’s announced a tour with a live band.